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Three in 3

Taking on the Parenting, One Mishap at a Time

Some days I feel like I have this parenting thing under control. I feel confident the decisions we are making as parents are the best choices for our family. Those days always feel amazing. No second guessing, no self doubt, no comparing my choices or situation to others. 

But, to be honest, those days are few and far between. Most days end up a bit more like this photo a bit chaotic, mostly happy, and someone running some where they weren’t supposed to. 



Life with 3 littles means everything is in a constant state of flux. Once you think you finally have it all together something (or more likely someone) changes and it all goes up in smoke! Check out the latest posts and delve into the archives to find us at all our different stages.

Living the MomLife

Find my best tips, tricks, routines, and parenting advice from someone who has screwed up before you.

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Enjoying the KidLife

See how we deal with all the different stages of KidLife so far. From infant to preschooler we are making our way through one day at a time.

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Creating a Home

It’s never easy keeping up with housework but you can turn any house into a home without spending every waking moment cleaning.

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2 Under 2 Must Haves

Preparing for 2 under 2 or 3 under 3 can feel overwhelming. Especially, when you aren’t sure what you even need since you already “have everything” from your first baby.

These were my must-haves as we prepared for baby number 2. They were still just as vital when baby number 3 came around as well.

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Erin’s Top 10 MomLife Tips

1. Take a deep breath

The hardest part about being a mom isn’t actually caring for our kids. It’s dealing with the overwhelming feeling that we are failing somehow. So stop. Take a deep breath.  You are NOT failing!!!

2. Find Your Tribe

Find the people you feel comfortable sharing the hardest parts of mommyhood with. The ones who come with coffee, wife, chocolate or ALL 3 in hand when you need them. 

We would love to see you join our tribe of other Cluster Club moms. 

3. Push Away the Mom Guilt

I’m not sure who came up with this notion that somehow a mother’s love is split when she has a second child (or a third or a fourth or however many she wants). I assure you that a mother’s love grows with every tear she cries, every second of hope and possibly every second of disappointment she endures. A true mother’s love can never be split, sliced, or cut. It simply grows.