One Day at a Time

A daily planner sheet that reduces the overwhelm and focuses on the positives of each day.

What makes this page different?

It takes the focus off of your to-do list and refocuses you on the positives for the day. Shifting your mind off of all the “things” and centering it back on what is important in life can prevent the everyday overwhelm we often experience as moms. Instead of just being a big list of everything we have yet to accomplish it changes your mindset to highlight the things that did get done and the important moments of the day. 

The Sections

The page is broken down into 8 sections each designed to help you focus on what you accomplished that day.


Start each day with 3 things you are grateful for. Starting your day with gratitude sets your mind up to notice all the things you have in life instead of what you don’t. As you use this section each day your mind will train itself to be grateful for both the big and small blessings. 

Start with what you are grateful for that day or from the day before. It could be as simple as enjoying a hot cup of coffee that morning (let’s be honest that doesn’t happen often), or that your little one slept through the night. From big to small anything goes when it comes to gratitude. 

Dinner Prep

It’s getting close to dinner time and the kids are getting hungry and the dreaded question comes – “What’s for dinner?”

If you are anything like me you love the idea of meal planning but it doesn’t always happen. Or … I might plan a dinner then forget to defrost the meat in the morning (facepalm). 

This section helps you prevent those issues by providing a spot for what to make, what time to start, and the prep time you need. 

Top 3 for Today

Instead of trying to cram in tons of things to do each day this planner sheet focuses on your top 3 for the day. Prioritizing the top 3 things that need to get done that day will give you a greater sense of accomplishment when you complete them. Plus, it will help keep the overwhelm down since your to-do list won’t be filled to the brim. 

Don’t worry if you have more than 3 things to get done there is space later for other items. 

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One Thing for Myself

As moms, we often forget to take a few minutes to do something for ourselves each day. We are so busy carrying for our children, managing our households, possibly working in or out of the home, that we forget we need to be taken care of too. 

This section of the page is to remind you to take just a few minutes to do something that is just for you. Whether it’s just sending the kids outside to enjoy your coffee, having your spouse watch the little ones while you shower or get ready, reading a book, or lighting a candle. 

If you are completely out of the habit of doing anything for yourself it is best to write down what you want to do at the beginning of the day and give yourself plenty of chances to make it happen. Once you get into a habit of taking a few minutes to yourself, you can add what you did at the end of the day or continue planning it out. 

Want tos

You’ve already prioritized your top 3 things that need to be done that day, now add the things you want to get done. 

There are only 5 spots to help you keep from getting overwhelmed by a too long to-do list. This is the spot to add all the things that you can work toward once your top 3 are done. However, the goal is NOT to feel guilty if you don’t get to all or any of them for that matter. 

Appointments and Activities

Have a doctor’s appointment, maybe it’s library storytime day? This is where you can write down all of the places you need to be that day and when.

Keep your schedule straight and prevent appointments from being missed with this handly little section.


This is the perfect spot for a short grocery list, reminders for the day or as a catch-all for notes you need to quickly jot down. Keep anything you like in this section that you want to remember. 

Some days this section may end up blank and that’s ok. Don’t feel like you have to completely fill out every section every day. 

Wins for Today

Much like starting your day our with gratitude can put you in the right mindset for the day, ending the day thinking about your wins can help settle your mind for the night. 

Instead of focusing on all the things you didn’t get done or went wrong that day this section is designed to bring focus back on what did go right. 

Even if your win is something simple (let’s face it the simplest of tasks can become monumental with kids running around), it’s worth writing down. Did you complete your morning and evening routines? Did you take that 5 mins to do something for yourself? Did you have a good day with few behavior issues? Did you make it to storytime on time? Those are all wins! 

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