2 under 2 sitting on a doc together.

Kid and Baby Gear I Can’t Live Without With Two Sets of 2 under 2

Having 2 under 2 (or 3 under 3 as we ultimately did) becomes a whole new parenting game even if you have older children that are further apart. With cluster kids comes a whole set of needs that you never realized would be an issue until you were expected another so soon. These are some of my 2 under 2 must haves.

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Baby Gear

Toddler Gear

Outdoor Toys

Baby Gear

Baby Carrier

My Ergo 360 still lives in my car and has for the last 3 years. It makes going anywhere much easier especially if I don’t want to navigate a location with a stroller.

A baby carrier is number 1 on my 2 under 2 must haves list

When my boys were little I would actually wear them both. My C on my back in the Ergo and N on my front in my baby Bjorn. I know it seems crazy but there were a lot of very crowded situations where it was much easier to just carry them both then attempt to navigate the crowd with a stroller.

Mom with toddler and infant boys in the cold

I usually kept my Bjorn and Moby wrap in the house for when I needed to babywear inside. Other times I would just grab my Ergo from the car. Sometimes when you have a clingy or sick little one the only way you get anything done is to wear them. Always be sure to follow safety guidelines while babywearing.

Babywearing absolutely made my life manageable as we grew our family so quickly. That’s why it’s my number 1 pick for 2 under 2 must haves. In fact, it’s my number 1 pick for new moms everywhere!


I loved my Boppy pillow. It allowed me to prop baby up a bit after eating, introduce tummy time, of course, made nursing easier, and was just great for propping them up when I needed to set them down.

Once N was born it was so nice to put the Boppy in the Pack N Play so he could see C and C could see him. They loved to sit and “talk” that way.

Big brother holding infant brother on a boppy

Once tummy time was consistent it was perfect for letting N “play” with C on the floor without him getting too frustrated. When you’re making your list of 2 under 2 must haves keep in mind that boppies are much more versatile than just a nursing pillow.

Our boppy also allowed the older siblings that chance to “hold” the baby just like mommy and daddy did. We made a big deal about the baby being THIER little brother or sister so naturally, they wanted to hold the baby too. Our boppy made that possible. C used to climb up on the couch put our boppy on his lap and demand to hold “Bubba” (N). He loved to help feed N as well once N was a bit older.

Pack N Play

Ours was set up in our living room for a variety of reasons.

First, when they were newborns I liked having a place nearby for them to sleep that was safe. Not the couch or a rock-and-play or a swing that C could bother them. I didn’t like them being all the way in their nursery when they are newborns. Their cries are too hard to hear.

Second, It also gave me a safe place to set baby away from little hands and curiosity. I knew big brother or brothers in A’s case couldn’t get it the baby and they couldn’t tip it over either.

However, it also lets them see little brother or sister through the mesh. They could still interact but I could pee for 2 minutes without worry.

Toddler Gear

Leashed Backpack

I know some people don’t like these but we love our leashed backpack. It just helps keep kids from wandering too far or from getting into too much trouble.

Corralling 2 under 2 means that your eyes can’t always be on both of them every single second. A leashed backpack helps them learn freedom within boundaries and keeps them safe as they do it.

N still has an issue of getting distracted and going wherever his heart desires. He can easily end up 20-30ft away without realizing we have not followed. While he no longer has a leashed backpack it was perfect as he learned to walk and move about on his own.

Larger Sippy Cup

Maybe it’s just me but I cannot stand being asked for juice every 5 minutes! (Just to clarify at our house “juice” is about 1oz juice to 11oz of water.) So when C started going through the tiny sippy cups in about 30 seconds flat we moved over to 12 oz cups. He was about 10 months old at that point.

Little boy drinking from yellow sippy cup

This was a huge savior when it came to refilling juice and I only had to refill it once or twice a day (after the initial fill). When your hands are full with 2 under 2 must haves are anything that saves your time and sanity. It was wonderful not dealing with the constant need to refill sippy cups all day every day.

Snack Cabinet/Plastic Boxes

This has been such a blessing for us. When C was little and I would be nursing N he inevitably would want a snack too. Having a stash of snacks he had access to meant he cod grab a snack and bring it to me to open. No fits, no crying, no trying to decide how hungry he was and if I shod stop nursing for a moment to help him.

He would just bring me a snack, I could open it, and he would sit near me and eat it. We also kept a few juice boxes in there in case his juice bottle was empty or he emptied it while I nursed.

2 little boys playing in a pile of snacks

We have continued this idea and there is a shelf stocked with snacks they can get on their own. Now they have to ask before opening them but it still allows me the chance to give them more independence.

Now, we have an awesome fridge that has 4 doors and one of the bottom compartments can be a fridge or a freezer. We have it set up as a fridge and stock it with kid snacks and they can put their juice there to keep it cool throughout the day. Very important during the summers here.

Outdoor Toys

A Playset

Even if all you have is a small patio a little playset is a must in my opinion. Even if it’s in your living room.

Something for them to play on and climb and slide on. Something that can help them get a bit of that climbing instinct out in a safe manner and get their energy out.

Kids need appropriate places to do the things they love to do. Someplace they can play is really important to get all that built up energy out.

Little Boy playing on a playset near a slide

If that means you head to the park multiple days a week then do that. However, you do it figure out a way to let them climb and jump and run.

Ride-on Toys

Before you flip, these can be push ones, peddle ones, electric ones, whatever your heart wants. Something they can do themselves, for the most part, is perfect.

Again even if you don’t have a lot of space kids have great imaginations and can go in circles for a long time before getting bored.

My sons and now daughter love all their ride-along toys and spend hours in our backyard riding bikes and playing in them.

Sandbox/Sensory Toys

Little kids love to dig and find things. So if you don’t have room for a sandbox then consider setting up a sensory box with rice and some toys. Something that lets them dig around and discover what is hidden.

Pinterest is a great source of ideas for all different types of sensory bins that are of course educational as well.

These are not only great for development but provide the perfect distraction for a little one while you care for an infant or just sit for a few mins.

Our sandbox has provided 100s of hours of entertainment for my kids. It’s the perfect thing to get them out of the house and out from under my feet.

Final Thoughts

These are my favorite things that keep me sane every day with 3 littles running around. I can’t imagine my life without them because most of them allow me to function and get things done.

The other thing most of these have in common is that they are relatively simple and inexpensive. You don’t need super fancy stuff to raise a child or keep them entertained. A dollar store mirror and a handful of toys will keep kids entertained for a few minutes so you can get something done.

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