About Casey

Hello! Welcome to my chaotic life raising three kids born within 3 years. Our life looks a little different than most of our friends and family because we have had to make decisions and do things a little differently than families with bigger age gaps between kids.

If you are a mama raising kids with an age gap of about 18 months or less then this is the place for you. A place to find encouragement, ideas, and a fellow mama who understands what you are going through.

Raising kids that are close together in age presents a very unique set of challenges that most other parents don’t have to think about. Not even mamas of multiples face some of the decisions we have to make (they face their own unique challenges). Simply venturing out to the store can be a huge undertaking and we face dilemmas that most moms would not even give a second thought to. Do you baby wear the youngest? Let the oldest walk? Pull two carts if there aren’t any double seaters? Can you avoid walking past the toys aisles? (OK, I think that’s one all moms face.)

I am lucky to be joined on this crazy journey by my amazing husband, Hubby. He is supportive of all that I do and keeps me grounded in reality when I sometimes lose sight of the most important things.

C is currently 3 and growing up faster than I ever anticipated. As my first born he is often the guinea pig for new ideas and situations when it comes to parenting. He is the most amazing big brother that loves his little brother and is wrapped around Baby Girl’s finger.

N is 2. He is learning his place in the family, testing boundaries, and keeping us all laughing. He is definitely the jokester of our family.

Baby Girl, A, is doing things at her own pace. At 1, she is already stubborn and refuses to do anything she doesn’t want to. She has all the boys in this house wrapped around her little finger and they love to give her what she wants.

Join me as I figure out through trial and error how to make it through this journey of motherhood raising Three in 3.

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