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We are the Cluster Club

I wanted something to call all us mamas who have kids that are close together but maybe not quite true Irish Twins. While the term Irish Twins has loosened a bit in recent years, I wanted to find something that didn’t already have connections to it. The Cluster Club quickly stood out as the perfect term for us mamas.

Why “Cluster”

Honestly, another mama with similar age gaps helped me come up with this. I reached out to several ladies far more creative than me when I got stuck. As soon as I saw her suggest cluster I knew it was exactly what I needed.

By definition, a cluster is “a number of similar things that occur together.” The connotation (the understanding we associate with a word even if not part of the definition) is those things are close together. Just like our kids that appear in a cluster.

Star Clusters

One of the suggestions from that wonderful lady was Cluster Siblings and you will see me use that term around as well.

Star cluster in space

When I Googled the term thinking it was simply one I had never heard the first results were actually star clusters.

I fell in love with what Cluster Siblings are in a celestial sense: tight groups of hundreds to millions of old stars which are gravitationally bound.

They are not just stars that are near each other they are bound together by gravity. Forever being pulled toward each other even as the universe expands and attempts to pull them apart.

Sibling Connection

That’s what I want for my kids. I want them to be bound together not just because they are siblings close in age but because we help them develop a relationship that draws together instead of apart.

Part of what I want to develop in my kids is a bond that can weather the storm of time. A pull towards each other no matter what happens.

Two toddler boys and a baby girl snuggling in bed

My Goals

Share Advice

I want to share what I have learned from parenting three kids under 3. Tips and tricks triumphs and failures of raising them all. There are so many things that happen as a mom and tossing in cluster siblings on top of it just adds to the chaos.

I love hearing advice from other moms in similar situations as well. It’s such a unique experience raising cluster siblings. Often times conventional advice doesn’t work for us. So any advice suggestions and tips that you have found that work I would love to hear.

Grow a Community

Since this is such a unique experience I want to grow a community of moms who face the same challenges and can offer advice and suggestions that might actually work for our unique situations.

2 little boys and a little girl in angels shits on the couch

I want you to be a part of that community. To help me foster a sense of belonging for other moms in similar situations. We get enough stares and “my, aren’t your hands full” in public that we really need a place to feel like we belong. A place where people’s eyes don’t nearly pop out of their heads because our kids are 3, 2, and 1. Where others see the benefits of having them so close together, not just the challenges.

I would love for you to pop over to our Facebook Group to join the community and find other mom friends who truly are facing the same challenges as you.

Develop Confident Moms

One of the things I have noticed about Cluster Club Moms is that they tend to be on the younger side at least when they start having kids. While, of course, moms of all ages and stages are welcome, one of my main desires is to build into moms with multiple kids that are on the younger side. Moms who start having kids in the early to mid-20s.

You can’t win either way for when to start a family by the way. If you start early people wonder if you did it on purpose or if you had an oops. If you get started later in life people start speculating if there are problems or wonder if you are too “old” to be a mom.

toddler boy with baby boy giving him a kiss

One of my goals is to help those who start a bit younger to be more confident in their motherhood. I know when we first started I wasn’t very confident and it took a lot of time to be comfortable and confident enough in myself as a mom to stand up for what I needed and wanted.

Get Involved

So if any of this resonates with you or you feel like you need a place where no one makes dirty jokes about how babies are made, then get involved with the Cluster Club.

Join the Email List

Connect on Facebook

Head over to the Facebook Group to get in touch with other mamas just like you.

Ask for advice, commiserate with other moms who have been or are right where you are now. Seek out untraditional ideas when it comes to raising kids and find out what works for others.

This is a wonderful place to share your experiences and the things you’ve learned with other moms as well.

Check us out on IG

You can also head over to Instagram and see what I’m up to with my little Cluster. Share your own Cluster and use #clusterclubmom. I promise you won’t find perfectly posed and framed pictures of a spotless house and an obscenely happy mom. Just real kids, real mom, and real life.

Little boy with baby sister first meeting

Final Thoughts

It’s not easy being a mom period. However, we have the extra challenge of having them so close together. If you are feeling alone in this journey don’t hesitate another minute. Reach out, join the Facebook group, check us out in IG. Do something to help you know that you are far from alone in this chaos.

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