You will never clean your bathroom the same way again! I swear this will literally change the way you see your bathroom.

If you have watched any kind of police investigation show you know that a black light makes body fluids glow. But did you know you can get one on Amazon for like $8. Yup! They are super cheap. I had no idea until my husband swore there was pet urine in our new house and refused to believe me that it was some kind of smell coming from our new leather couches.

Well, he was wrong, and I was right, but we now had a blacklight flashlight.

How I Decided to Use it for my Bathroom

One day I just could not stand the smell any longer. I had cleaned up the bathroom the previous day and had been careful to watch the boys and made sure I cleaned up any dribbles. However, my bathroom still REEKED of pee. Old gross stinky pee.

If you are anything like me with little boys, you know to wipe down all the sides of the toilet, the floor, check and make sure the trashcan doesn’t have any splatters on it, and be sure to clean really good around the base of the lid. I thought I did a pretty good job cleaning it without doing a crazy deep clean because, honestly, I rarely have time to do that deep of a clean of my bathroom. However, lingering stink meant it was time for a deep clean to get it all out.

So I grabbed the flashlight and started hunting around. Oh boy! Did I find what was causing the smell!

There were pee splatters EVERYWHERE!!!! On the wall, on the cabinets, on the floor (despite me having wiped it down the day before), on my baseboards, dripping from all kinds of nooks and crannies I thought had gotten cleaned the day before. It wasn’t like streams of pee. They hadn’t peed on the wall and other than a small puddle in the way back of the toilet I hadn’t missed any big misses. (Don’t ask how I missed that one the day before only God could tell you.) It was just literally splashed droplets. Everywhere!

All those splatters had added up, and it all STANK!

Using the black light, I was able to get and completely clean all those little sources that were adding up to one big smell.

My 3 Tips for Getting Your Bathroom Really Clean

  1. Get a black light flashlight and make sure you get it all cleaned up without having to worry about missing any.
  2. Keep a set of your favorite cleaning wipes in the bathroom to immediate clean up any misses. Or possibly pee battles. (This may or may not be a true story.)
  3. Do a quick wipe down every other day or so to make sure any misses you didn’t see get cleaned up and are not left to sit. I usually do a quick wipe down of the kid’s bathroom after I throw them in the bath. Baby girl is steady enough now that I don’t have to literally sit next to her, but I stay really close just in case.

At the end of the day at some point or other, all our bathrooms stink. Having a black light can help you target those areas and find them when all else fails. Or you could just be like me now and just start with it because I hate having to do it twice. Keeping the appropriate cleaning supplies close by so a quick wipe down only takes a minute or two can really help keep the gross at bay until you have time to do a deeper clean. Lastly, don’t feel bad if all you get to is getting the pee wiped up. There are days I am glad I get even that much done.

Drop a comment with your best bathroom cleaning tip.