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9 Irish Twin Must Haves

Kid and Baby Gear I Can't Live Without With Two Sets of Irish Twins There are tons of baby gear lists out there and if you are looking for something that lists the must-haves for a new baby this isn't it. This is for all you Cluster Club mamas out there who, like me,...

A Beehive Attacked My Son

When your toddler gets into trouble and it turns into a terrifying mom moment

How to Prepare for Everyday Emergencies With Multiple Children

3 Things You Need as Part of Your Everyday Emergency Plan When You Have Small Children We recently went through a series of small everyday emergencies with N that landed us in the ER and the doctor's office having blood drawn. We realized through those experiences...

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3 Tips for Weaning Off a Pacifier

Weaning off the pacifier without going cold turkey. We did it. I'm still cuddled up in bed with her but she is asleep without her pacifier. She was and I know will continue to be my hardest one over the next few days but we made it through bedtime number 1. We have...

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Blissful Naptime … A Naptime Routine to Get You There

Ahhh naptime. One of the most looked forward to times of day for mom. When the kids go down and we can enjoy just a few minutes without their constant needs and wants. First, you have to make it there. We use a naptime routine to reduce stress and fussiness before...

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Potty Training Boys

How I potty trained both my boys by the time they were 2 1/2. Potty Training. It’s the milestone we as parents are working for, hoping for, and crossing every finger and toe for. I remember the getting to the point with my oldest where I just felt like if I changed...

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Should You Do Baby Led Weaning?

Why Baby Led Weaning was best for us. The "latest and greatest" for starting your baby on solids is Baby Led Weaning. Basically, you introduce a series of solids to your child and skip the whole pureed step all together. If you are anything like me you ended up doing...

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Transitioning to a Toddler Bed

Why We Move Them to a Big Kid Bed Early I’m going to tell you something and you are probably going to think I am crazy. Your friends are moving their kids out of their cribs WAY too late. Kids can be transitioned to a toddler bed much earlier than most people choose....

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10 Toddler and Preschool Independent Activities - 3 Page Mockup

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